A program managed by Interfaith Works, the Emergency Assistance Coalition (EAC) is a network of providers, which delivers emergency assistance to residents of Montgomery County. The Coalition includes public agencies, congregations, grassroots local assistance groups, and other human service providers groups.


The EAC is a caring, confidential, and compassionate network of emergency assistance providers in Montgomery County. The network is committed to providing the best possible service to Montgomery County residents, and provides collaborative solutions with courtesy and concern. The EAC believes that the residents seeking its services have a right to apply for and receive those services with dignity and respect in a judgment-free environment. In short, the EAC seeks to be a trusted, helpful network of providers committed to serving our community with empathy, sensitivity, and integrity.

EAC Service Protocol

The Emergency Assistance Coalition (EAC) is committed to providing the best possible service to the Montgomery County residents seeking help. In order to serve the community well, it strives to deliver services compassionately and efficiently, as outlined in the Emergency Assistance Coalition Service Protocol. Additionally, the EAC shares service information with member agencies and member congregations to avoid duplication of service, save the agency and clients’ time, and verify and demonstrate need. The guidelines are based on trust and responsibility. They express our expectations of EAC member agencies providing the services and of Montgomery County residents seeking our services