Connection — the Monthly Newsletter of Interfaith Works

Read about the life-changing, life-saving work Interfaith Works is doing through programs that prevent, stabilize and empower.

Read the June 2020 Newsletter
As Interfaith Works CEO, Shane Rock, concludes his tenure as the Executive Director, he  shares a few thoughts on his six years at Interfaith Works…

Read the May 2020 Newsletter
Covid-19 has exposed the many vulnerabilities and disparities in our neighborhoods. While I work from home and order my groceries online, low wage essential workers are going to work in grocery stores, pharmacies, construction sites, homeless shelters, restaurants offering takeout, liquor stores, home contractors, landscapers, and other essential businesses. The luxury, and safety, of working at home is not an option for many of our neighbors…

Read the April 2020 Newsletter
Everything we do has been and continues to be made possible by the outpouring of generosity from individuals like you. Each day we receive letters and notes online expressing support and love for the individuals we serve and the work of our staff. We greatly appreciate your messages that move us to tears and bolster everyone at Interfaith Works…

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