Thankful for a Special Volunteer

The Interfaith Works Clothing Center and Food Hub are tremendously grateful for all our volunteers. We want to highlight one volunteer in particular: Susan Henry. She recently passed the 1,000-hour mark for volunteer hours!

If you have ever been to the IW Clothing Center, you have probably seen Susan behind the linens counter. She has taken it upon herself to reorganize the entire counter process, so our families are able to receive help more efficiently and effectively. Even when Susan is not volunteering in person, she continues to go above and beyond for us. She creates sleeping mats using grocery bags (see photo). Some people experiencing homelessness find themselves sleeping on the ground. These mats provide a more comfortable place to sleep. They are also easy to roll up.

Having Susan be part of our IW team has enabled us to help serve our community better. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you, Susan!

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