Family Garden Event at IW HUB

On Saturday, Oct. 16, the Interfaith Works Food Hub (751 Twinbrook Pkwy. in Rockville) will offer a two-part event for children and their families: Pumpkin Painting and a Garden Tour! The event is a collaboration with Urban BEET. We also need volunteers to help out.

There are three time slots for this 40-minute event, and registration is required. The first 20 minutes will be for pumpkin painting. The second 20 minutes will provide a chance to learn about the Food Hub’s garden and how Interfaith Works provides free food each week to over 400 families in need. At the end of the event, we will give families an opportunity to plant a bulb for spring.

Please only register children so we can ensure that each child receives a pumpkin to paint.

You can sign up to attend or to volunteer here.

Get a flyer with information about the Oct. 16 event here.

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