A Caring Community – From the CEO

In spite of the many challenges of recent months, I was recently reminded that we live in a remarkably caring and generous community where people jump at the chance to help others.

More than 150 people were displaced by a devastating flood at the Rock Creek Woods Apartments in Rockville that tragically took the life of a young man trying to rescue his mom. In early pre-dawn hours, families and individuals living in basement-level apartments were wrenched from their sleep by the rapidly rising floodwaters and had to race to safety with almost nothing in their hands.

Within just hours of the news reports, people started contributing online and dropping bags off at the Interfaith Works Clothing Center in Rockville. The Center is the only large-scale, free clothing and home goods distribution resource in Montgomery County. Even before Interfaith Works was publicly named as a resource partner, generous neighbors guessed correctly that the families who lost everything in the flood would come to the Center to replace essentials to help them begin to get back on their feet.

At the Interfaith Works Clothing Center, we serve hundreds of neighbors every day. It is a special privilege to provide this service in times of crisis, this time working in partnership with Montgomery County government, the American Red Cross, A Wider Circle and other partners. It was a source of joy and inspiration to see you — a literal army of generous neighbors — showing up at the Center with hundreds of diapers, new socks and underwear, and sheets and towels to give to others in need.

You, our supporters, have been extraordinarily generous with your financial resources as well. With your financial donations, many of you also offered messages of hope and healing to our neighbors who had lost everything.

Our ability to respond, with your help, underscores IW’s important mission in Montgomery County: To support our neighbors in need by providing vital services and a pathway to greater stability. Considering what our neighbors have been through, achieving greater stability is an important goal. With your support, we continue to work with them through our many programs so they can get back on their feet.

On behalf of our neighbors who are moving along the road to recovery, thank you.

With gratitude,

Courtney Hall, CEO

Interfaith Works

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