Art, Joy, and Hope

It is said that art feeds the soul. If so, the residents at the Interfaith Works Women’s Center recently welcomed a feast — a generous art donation that is making a huge impact.

Gladys Lipton was an artist whose work was featured when the Women’s Center hosted an art show in 2019. She presented an art workshop where our clients, staff, and guests were able to come to Interfaith Works Women’s Center and see the art and meet the artist.

Sadly, Mrs. Lipton passed away earlier this year. But her memory lives on. Her daughters Judy Ackerman and Nancy Carlson wanted to share some of her artwork with the Women’s Center.

Once the pieces were hung on the Center walls, the mood visibly lifted. IW’s Samantha Cheakalos said, “It really made an impact on the facility. It felt happier again. It was what we were missing.”

 Residents’ excited comments included:

“I love seeing artwork again.

“This makes me think of the beach or flowers.”

This art can truly be what you would like it to be.

“Each piece is so unique!”

And there was more joy: each resident can select a piece of artwork when she moves out, giving her something of beauty to take with her when she starts the next part of her life. The pieces will be replaced by more artwork from Mrs. Lipton, who was prolific. In addition, the artwork will be available to residents being housed at all three IW shelters and in our new Rapid Re-Housing Program. So her legacy will brighten the homes of many people rebuilding their lives.

We are deeply grateful to the Lipton family, especially her daughters, for sharing Gladys’ legacy, brightening the walls, and bringing art, joy, and hope to residents of the IW Women’s Center. 

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