Looking – And Moving – Forward

As I reflect on the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, there is much to process. While justice has been at center of the conversation, I believe an expectation of accountability is a core foundation upon which we need to build. There is no doubt that George Floyd’s tragic murder has accelerated the pace at which our community is addressing racial justice. At Interfaith Works, we continue to learn and find ways to actively address racial equity within our ranks and our community. When there is a need to speak out, we must.

Recently, I did speak out. While I am new to Interfaith Works, I am not new to the social services arena. I have devoted my career to meeting people where they are and helping them find a pathway to stability and opportunity, which of course is central to IW’s mission. So when the Washington POST published a column debunking stereotypes about people who experience poverty, I was inspired to send a Letter to the Editor in support and share our experiences at IW. You will find it here.

Speaking of being inspired, I drew tremendous inspiration from our virtual Caring Breakfast, my first at IW. What an incredible community of support, from individuals who volunteer, to committed funders and corporations, to devoted faith communities, to nonprofit allies, to elected and government leaders who “get it.” You stand ready to do all you can to ensure the more than 17,000 people we serve have access to the tools and resources they need. Thank you for your partnership! If you were unable to attend, you can get a flavor for the experience here.

With the growing number of people getting vaccinated (including our clients), I feel hopeful that better days are ahead. But I also am reminded every single day that COVID has knocked people down in ways that will have lasting impacts. As we wrap up our fiscal year, we will be asking you to consider supporting a campaign to finish our year strong, so we can continue providing life-changing programs at a time when many of those we serve will need more help than they did before.

Thank you for your faithful support –

Courtney Hall
Interfaith Works CEO

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