Holding Us Together

They reach out when no one else is there. They are the welcoming face at the reception desk when you walk in. They are the voice or face on the other end of the phone or computer screen, offering advice and encouragement or explaining how to get help. They are there in the middle of the night when things seem too overwhelming to go on.

They are the Interfaith Works staff. They are givers and comforters. They provide professional guidance and, when needed, tough love. They come from more than 12 countries and speak over 23 languages. They represent the best of what we should be.

Throughout the health crisis, they have been on the front lines every day, every hour, despite the risks. They are the glue holding so much together, especially in communities hit disproportionately hard by the pandemic.

Because of them, men and women who used to live outside are safely sheltered, and less exposed to the virus and the elements. Because of them, people who no longer have enough to feed their families or clothing to wear are able to get what they need for free. Because of them, men and women who lost their jobs have a support system and a sense of hope that they will find a new path to stability.

I hope you will join me in saluting this extraordinary team of committed, passionate professionals. They are the last people who would ever describe themselves as heroes, but of course, that is what they are. They inspire me every single day.

Wishing you peace,

Courtney Hall Signature

Courtney Hall
Interfaith Works CEO

Picture of Courtney Hall Interfaith Works CEO
Watch IW Staff Share Their Experience with The COVID-19 Vaccine


Earlier this month, I shared a short video featuring IW employees who received the COVID-19 vaccine. These personal stories meant to dispel common vaccine myths are another example of the strong commitment our employees have to their colleagues and to the work that we do. At IW, we are advocating for all of our employees to be vaccine-eligible.  I continue to hope that we will collectively endure 2021 – safely.

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