IW Helps Families Struggling to Pay Rent and Utility Bills

COVID’s economic repercussions have had an exponential impact on people served by IW. With job opportunities and wages shrinking, as well as employers cutting back or closing their businesses, many families are living on the edge of catastrophe. Those we serve are facing reduced wages, job loss, food insecurity, eviction threats, and homelessness.

We see evidence of this pain and instability every day. Our IW Connections program links low-income residents of Montgomery County to the resources they need. Since the pandemic hit in March, the program has helped 185 households prevent a utility shutoff and 154 households avoid eviction. As the pandemic worsened between March and December, the average amount of utility assistance needed per household increased by 66%, to $905, and nearly doubled for rental assistance to $953.

Interfaith Works supports efforts to help vulnerable residents and businesses make it through the COVID pandemic. As we await action by local, State, and Federal leaders to provide additional assistance, please consider helping struggling families by supporting Interfaith Works.

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