Success Stories – Meet Adam

Adam (not his real name), a stocky man in his early 60s, has experienced homelessness over many years. Now, Adam lives at Interfaith Works Residences, where he has an efficiency apartment, and works with multiple community partners to address his behavioral health and medical needs. The IW Residences program provides permanent supportive housing for men and women who have experienced chronic homelessness, with staff to support their successful transition to housing.

Initially, when Adam moved in, he rarely slept in his apartment. Instead, he continued to sleep under a bridge he called home for many years, which provided a familiar environment. Each day, IW Residences staff would remind Adam that we are there for him. With continued support and efforts made by IW staff and our community partners, over the months Adam’s comfort level grew and he began spending more and more nights in his unit.

Almost a year later, Adam now spends every night in his unit and is able to communicate his needs more clearly with his team. Though he still has a long way to go, the improvements are monumental for Adam and staff are so proud of the changes that he has made over the months.

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