Reason To Celebrate

Sammy first met James when he came to Interfaith Works Carroll House men’s shelter following repeated struggles with addiction. Determined to turn his life around, James began working with Sammy, a counselor with the Interfaith Works Vocational Services Program.

What first struck Sammy was James’ commitment to work his way out of his current situation no matter how difficult. Among the challenges were the gaps in his work history due to his addiction problems and stints in rehab. But James was ready to turn the page and Sammy was ready to help.

They began by upgrading his resume and applying for jobs. To supplement these efforts, James enthusiastically participated in Interfaith Works’ 12-session Job Readiness class.

After just a few months, there was reason to celebrate. James found a part-time job with an organization that managed election polling sites. It was temporary, but Sammy assured him this was the foundation that James needed to build upon to find more steady work. He could begin to contemplate moving out of the men’s shelter.

The end of election season brought the end of James’ job. He immediately returned to collaborating with Sammy to search for jobs that would build on his recent employment. James found success and is working at Graphic Visions in Gaithersburg.

Thanks to his persistence and work ethic, and the encouragement of Sammy, James recently moved out of the shelter and is loving life.

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