Clothing Center Hosts Conversational English Class

img_0909Sometimes it’s all about context. Students in an exciting joint venture between Interfaith Works and Community Ministries of Rockville are learning the nuances of conversational English. That means understanding when to say, “Bye!” versus when to say, “It was a pleasure to see you.”

The class is hosted at the Interfaith Clothing Center site in Rockville, the first step in a wider effort to expand programming for families who shop for free at the center location. The class series is taught by Rebeca Perez and Cecilia Rojas of the Community Ministries of Rockville (CMR) Language Outreach Program with financial support provided by Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL). The class meets twice a week, with CMR providing child care on site.

This collaboration is one of several partnerships img_0901Interfaith Works is forging to provide an array of expanded program opportunities and specialized services to those we serve with the convenience of a single location. Stay tuned!


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