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shane-rock-headshotDiane checked in with us not long ago. She wanted to let us know that she has come a long way: she is ready to make the final payment on her own home. It is a joyous occasion to hear back from people we have helped who now are living stable lives. So we were thrilled to hear from Diane, a strong, cheerful woman who told us she was deeply thankful for the help provided by our Hand to Hand program, which sustained her as she battled financial and health challenges as a single parent trying to support her family.

She wrote to us:

Many years ago, when my children were four years and 18 months (now 28 and 25 years old respectively), your agency gave me an interest-free loan which I promptly repaid…. I was spending 50% of my income to take taxis to my children’s daycare center and to get to work (no bus or Metro were accessible at the time). This is how bad I wanted to work and get off of welfare. I was renting a house, had just gotten my associate’s degree from Montgomery College and was offered my first government job. My boss heard what I was doing to get to work from another coworker and called your agency and obtained the assistance for me. I purchased a used vehicle and my life was much easier! Thank you!”

Diane continued to pursue her education, getting a bachelor’s degree, but at times still struggled to make ends meet, due in part to serious health challenges. “Whenever I was out of leave or money… your agency stepped in to help me to avoid foreclosure or my family going without food for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas! It takes a village, and you, your agency, dedication, commitment, compassion, prayers and blessings have been a part of my family’s foundation for many, many years.

We are proud of Diane, her family and their resilience. You are part of her success story too. As our faithful supporters, you help build the foundation that provides the lift that people need to reach a sustainable way of life. Thank you!




Shane Rock, CEO

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