Love & Thanksgiving — From CEO Shane Rock

I walked into the office, feeling a bit frazzled by the prospect of a busy, short week, and with world events weighing on my mind too. Then I saw something that made me stop and smile.

love everyone give thanks Nov 2015Over the weekend, many families in need had the opportunity to come to our offices and pick up donated food baskets that will enable them to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, thanks to generous donors and mentors who support our Friends in Action program. The last couple of baskets and boxes remain in our hallway, and happy families will be coming by soon to get them so they can celebrate with a festive meal.

One of the donated boxes sitting in our hallway has two simple messages written on it, most likely by a child: “Love everyone,” followed by “Give thanks.” I stopped and smiled because those two sentiments pretty much say it all.

As we gather together with friends and family, let us celebrate by loving each other and by giving thanks. And I want to thank all of you for doing all that you do to help those who we serve feel loved too.

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