‘I Can Move Forward’

Ferley was struggling. ferley diaz november 2015 bike donationThe father of two has been working with Interfaith Works’ Vocational Services program trying to improve his employment chances so he can provide for his family.

Ferley has found work as a painter, but without access to affordable transportation, he was stuck. He has been walking to jobsites, an effort that can take two or even three hours from his home in Wheaton since the sites are not near Metro stops.

A generous Interfaith Works supporter, who prefers to remain anonymous, heard his story and offered to help Ferley by buying him a new bicycle.

Now he can get to work more quickly and safely. Ferley says he has been overwhelmed by the generous gesture and by the welcoming sense of community spirit he has experienced from Interfaith Works and other non-profits who also have helped him. These include Catholic Charities, which connected Ferley with the Interfaith Works vocational program. He and his family fled from Colombia to escape violence in their community and to seek refuge and opportunity in the United States.

With a new bicycle and the opportunity to work with Interfaith Works to better his employment situation, Ferley says, “Now I can move forward.”/

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