A New Loan Repayment Option

For over 10 years, Hand to Hand Project Safety Net has provided small loans to county residents in danger of being evicted with small (long-term, interest-free) loans to pay overdue or first month’s rent. Since 60 percent of the heads of households in the program are unemployed, we are always searching for alternative, non-cash opportunities to help repay the loans.

We launched a new initiative that enables HTH recipients to take an online money management course and earn credit towards repaying their loans. Based on client feedback, the initiative is proving to be a successful loan repayment and learning tool. The course (alone or in combination with other incentives) has helped seven clients pay off their loans (average grant $250) in 18 days or less.

Here’s what the clients said about the new repayment option:

  • Trina looks forward to meeting with other HTH participants to share what they’ve learned.
  • Daisy, who paid off her loan by taking the course and volunteering at the Interfaith Clothing Center, said “you all were such a blessing to me.”

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