On Her Way

Bea came to Community Vision in an anxious state. Although she signed up for case management her second day here, she was extremely reluctant to share anything of her story or work on a service plan that would help us help her. She was clearly struggling with the environment here, and sleeping here was difficult for her. Around three weeks into working with her case manager and getting accustomed to the other clients and environment, Bea admitted to having anger management issues and agreed to attend the anger management workshop. Bea went through a real change as she learned that we weren’t judging her and only wanted to help her move forward with her life. She became an optimist and spoke up in a community morning meeting to say to everyone “You don’t know my story, but it is horrible. I’m taking responsibility for myself, and it makes all the difference in the world.” Shortly after that she helped another newcomer to Community Vision feel welcomed, and she agreed with her case manager that she needed see a therapist to deal with the deep-seated issues she’s been struggling with. Bea’s first time going to a therapy appointment led to an anxiety attack around transportation and fear and she didn’t quite make it. When she tried again, she made it. She also attended the art workshop and made some beautiful jewelry. Bea is on her way.

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