Getting Connected through Project INFORM

Before coming to Interfaith Works, Marisol, an immigrant from El Salvador with no money to pay for a bus ride, talked with St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Gaithersburg about her distressful financial crisis. Marisol had been searching for a job for a long time but, like many of our immigrant neighbors, needed guidance on how to look for and apply for jobs in the United States.

As a consequence of being underemployed, Marisol struggled to meet her basic needs, including transportation and clothes. Aware of the services provided by Interfaith Works, the church sent Marisol to meet with Project INFORM’s outreach coordinator.

After a thorough assessment of Marisol’s needs, the outreach coordinator referred her to our Vocational Services Program, the Interfaith Clothing Center, and two other partner providers for citizenship preparation assistance. Additionally, Marisol was given enough bus tokens to return home and to go to her first meeting with her vocational counselor at Interfaith Works’ Community Vision location.

Since that first meeting, Marisol has come back for services two times and received referrals to other programs/services including Shepherd’s Table Eye Clinic and Interfaith Works’ Introduction to Microsoft class in Spanish conducted by our Vocational Services team. After working hard with Interfaith Works’ Vocational Services team, Marisol found a job as a nanny for a family in Rockville. She has now been working there for two months and is enjoying her job.

Today Marisol is much closer to finding stability. She now has the support and resources she needs to lead her in a more hopeful direction.

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