The Hope Choir Debut

The Interfaith Works Hope Choir made its debut performance at the 2013 Hope Builder’s Breakfast, welcoming everyone and closing the breakfast in song. The choir featured singers from Rockville United Church, The People’s Community Baptist Church, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Saint Mark Presbyterian, as well as IW staff and volunteers. Andrea Hines joined the choir after being invited through The People’s Community Baptist Church:



“I was amazed to learn about this organization in the county in which I live,” she said. “This was a small way in which I could help to celebrate the lives of those who have benefited from this great work.  I feel honored to be able to participate. Music is my heart and I feel God uses it to lift spirits and connect people. My prayer is that our presentation in song will do just that and encourage others to keep on living, giving, and trying.”

The Hope Choir performed two pieces – Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” and “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night – after collectively rehearsing for a mere 5 hours. The music provided by this artistic group of singers, added the perfect punch to a morning dedicated to lives changed!  Thank you to each of the choir members for sharing their musical talents and helping make the Hope Builder’s Breakfast a success.

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